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British Cycle Quest
My quest to visit all 402 of the CTC's BCQ checkpoints throughout the UK.

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Roger Clarke

Over the last few years I have accumulated a significant amount of material (for example photos / slides, logbooks of holidays, family history, auto-biographies, audio recordings) inherited from my parents, not to mention my own evergrowing mass of photos (prints from years ago, now digital) and other data that is generated in today's digital world. Most of this media currently sits in boxes, unsorted somewhere on my computer, or uploaded to one of a number of cloud services.

Some of the material will be very interesting to me; some of it will be of interest to others; and some of it won't really be of interest to anyone. But sitting where it is right now most of it can't be of interest to anyone as very little of it is readily accessible!

With my background in IT functional design, I hope to use my professional knowledge to do something about that in a way that allows me to share what I want with those who are interested in it, and which retains control of my material. I will be using this site to post about the issues faced along the way (and hopefully their solutions!) as well as a place to share my media.


This is my personal website, enabling me to RE-LIVE IT (whatever it may be).

Currently work in progress!